Olivia may have accidentally taken Sookie’s anti-anxiety pill. Bad cat parenting.

I put the pill in a dab of wet food and Olivia pounced the bowl before Sookie could even think about taking a bite. Sookie is a meticulous eater; Olivia is a gobbler. I’m pretty sure that the one big bite she gobbled before I dragged her away, was the bite with the pill in it.

I assumed that the indicator would be the stoned, glazed over look that Sookie used to get when she started the medication. However it turns out that Olivia is the child that you give  a sedative to and get the completely opposite result: hyper activity.

She ran around for about an hour all puffed up with a mousie in her mouth. At one point she was chasing Miles and they both flew over the back of the love seat and through the curtains. Zooming black cat streaks. I know that this sounds like typical cat behavior, but it was a little more high speed and manic than usual.

I finally found her camped out in the dark on one of the cat shelves, wide- eyed and staring at nothing. Just coming down, man.


2 thoughts on “Oops!

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