Olivia Wigglebothum vs. Halloween

For some reason I convinced myself that of all the cats, Olivia Wigglebothum would be the one who would graciously accept a costume as just another addition to her natural good looks. She’s quirky, convinced everyone thinks she’s adorable, and very little of what she does or says makes sense. In my mind, she would work the costume like a runway model with a moustache.

Unfortunately I forgot the Yoda incident of February 2014.

The hatred of costumes is strong in this one.

The hatred of costumes is strong with this one.

Olivia always seems up for anything except vacuuming. There are times when I wish she was just a touch more fearful simply as a safety measure. The other cats are experts of being afraid of things, especially costumes. Put a costume on Birdie and she loses the ability to use her legs and just tips over, Miles goes into spastic seizures when not frozen to the spot or walking backwards, and Sookie just looks at me as if to say, “Aren’t I broken enough already?”

(You totally want to click the links to see more cats in sweaters, snowmen, and trees. My cats have a whole costume box much to their personal embarrassment.)

With the sincere delusion that Olivia would love it, I saddled her with a witch hat and fancy jester collar. The witch hat lasted all of 5 seconds. I am convinced that she would have ninjaed her way out of the jester collar eventually, but would have destroyed the house in the process. Not to worry. I have other options for her.


6 thoughts on “Olivia Wigglebothum vs. Halloween

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