Where No One Can Hear You “Screme”

Again, people, I am here to take one for the team and assist you in your culinary adventures. Nothing is more reassuring than a food that combines the words “fear, green, and ‘screme’.” One of these words is not real which is also terribly reassuring.


Of course, I dissected the egg first. Trick or treat. It’s a treat, but it could be a trick. Ramble, ramble, ramble. Who knows. I feel that the green yolk did not stand up in the same way that the usual yellow yolk does. Also has it always been fondant? I guess I’ve blindly accepted the goo as the advertised “creme.” Fondant is the stuff that The Next Great Bakers are constantly wrapping around inedible looking cakes.

As promised the taste is the same. If you are a Green Eggs and Ham enthusiast, this might the greatest creation ever, but I suggest that much like pumpkin spice everything, this egg is unnecessary.


2 thoughts on “Where No One Can Hear You “Screme”

  1. I used to love Cadbury creme eggs but now I find them way too sweet. They make my teeth hurt, which is actually a good thing since I’m diabetic! The mini-creme eggs are just about right for once in awhile. Enjoy yours. 🙂


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