Throwback Thursday: No, Target, No!

***Thursday is only an hour away and I should be in bed. Publishing it! It’s Thursday somewhere.

I realize that fashion is cyclical with slight revamping along the way. They have this challenge on Project Runway all the time: “Create a modernized version of 1950’s fashion. Go!” This cycle of repeats explains why my female students are wearing high top Doc Martens when I haven’t seen a mainstream teen in Docs for years. Mind you, they are only wearing Doc Martens with tiny flowers all over them, but they are still Doc Martens underneath.

However sometimes the revamping just goes wrong.

Terribly, horribly, what were you thinking wrong. As illustrated here.

So wrong.

So wrong.

Bad, Target, bad store!

These are “skinny” overall jeans. They stretch, but are still intended to be skin-tight. According to the photo on Target’s website you should wear them with gigantic high heels. Nothing says going out in heels like really tight overalls. “I just fed the chickens, and now I’m going clubbin’!”

Even with the illustrative modeling photo, I have a hard time visualizing a normal skinny teen girl looking good in these, much less the body types that will end up wearing them. Overalls tend to square the body shape and can do really bizarre things to the look of your butt. Somewhere I have the college photos to prove it. I feel like someone was in a room drawing design inspiration from the spork and was kind of like: “Well, that worked out okay. This will be fine.”

No. Skinny things and overalls are to be enjoyed separately.

I enjoy skinny jeans because they are comfortable and jam-packed with spandex.

Best. Fabric. Ever.

I can wear them under tall boots and pretend that they are appropriate for work. Plus they are moderately flattering on my big booty.

Once upon a time, I enjoyed overalls. At one point, I had about 5 different pairs mostly scrounged second hand.They were loose and comfortable. Good for layering in cold weather and excellent for being nearly naked in warm weather. There was space for turtlenecks and long underwear, and a cool breeze for tiny crop tops while not totally exposing tummy skin. They went with hiking boots, Chuckies, and Docs. Kurt Cobain, Pearl Jam, and anything else grungy told me I was cool. My mom once commented that she was glad that I went to college when I did because she didn’t have to spend much on clothes. If I couldn’t find the majority of my wardrobe at the thrift store, then I probably didn’t need it. It was the early 90’s so it worked. I could wear pigtails, overalls, a white long underwear top with a bright teal bra underneath and be borderline cute/ vaguely slutty. Perfect.

Ahhhh, overalls. So comfy. So practical even my grandpa wore them. I gave them up somewhere in the mid 2000’s as fashions and my body shape changed. I don’t think they would be flattering on me today in either regular or skinny. It would be wrong, so wrong.

***Side note: ResQThreads, the company who donates to animal shelters via sales of their awesome animal tees, has an app out. I think it’s been around for a while, but I’m a little slow on any trends that don’t involve overalls. The free app is called ResQWalk and it tracks your mileage with a gps like function. Then they divide up their  donation pool- this week’s is $2500- somehow based on the miles people put in. You can choose which shelters you are walking for from their list on the app. I just got the app and found my beloved Colony Cats on the list. It has been slightly more motivating to walk for the shelter this week than has been to make myself simply get out and exercise.

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