Cats Get All the Days: Black Cat Appreciation Day

In appreciation of my handsome black cat Miles.
*He is sleek, the sports car of cats.
*Black goes with everything. Clothes, furniture, food…everything.
*Black is slenderizing. When I hold Miles, I look super model thin.
*He takes formal black tie affairs very seriously.
*He’s solar powered. I assume that’s why he’s the only cat in the house who seeks out sun spots. He also makes an excellent heating pad.

*Miles is always ready for Halloween or to support my witchiness.
*If he curls up in a nook and closes his eyes, he will win all hide and seek games ever!
*It’s like owning a miniature panther without the fear that you will be killed by a spine severing bite to the neck.
*The ladies all dig his smooth moves. Cat and human females alike.

I found that there was some debate about whether the low adoption rates for black dogs and cats was a reality, a myth, or self-fulfilling prophecy. We think it’s true, therefore we’ve made unintentionally made it true. At any rate, shelters are full of a variety of animals of all color and stripe that need fur-ever homes.

**A quick visit to Colony Cats & Dogs today. Dash gave me face rubs.



13 thoughts on “Cats Get All the Days: Black Cat Appreciation Day

  1. Thank you for this blog entry giving black cats their due. All cats rule! But black cats DO go with everything. Mine looks especially chic when lounging on my hot pink-and-yellow bedding. And he knows it. And works it. I love my house panther, even though he’s not the nicest cat I’ve ever had. He does add quite a nice accent to the home décor.


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