Just Dill

I can't do the glitter justice.

I can’t do the glitter justice.

It rained last night and was still raining a bit when I got up this morning. During the process of walking to the kitchen to feed the cats, I open the curtains and windows so we can all “sniff the good sniffs.” When I opened the blinds to look out on the garden, I was fascinated with my rain bejeweled dill. Everything else in the garden just looked rained on, but the dill had been coated in rhinestones.

In comparison to my other plants, dill seems pretty simple. One big stalk, some fronds easily pulled off for cooking and a rounded head that ultimately goes to seed. Its color palette is fairly monochromatic green until the head develops and adds yellow blooms. Sometimes there’s just too much of it because it re-seeds itself so easily in my yard. I guess that begs the question as to why I save the dried heads for seed every year.

This year some of the stalks are taller than me. I can stand in a dill forest. It really does have its stunning moments.

It looks great in black and white.

It looks great in black and white.

Stunning when boosted plus you can see the rest of the garden upside down in the raindrops.

Stunning when boosted plus you can see the rest of the garden upside down in the raindrops.

Today is also Sookie Day Year 4. We celebrated her adoption day by hissing repeatedly at Olivia Wigglebothum who would not share chasing the jingle mice, and then ate some egg.

Sookie: Year 4

Sookie: Year 4 All the catnip toys.

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