Stuff in My Yard (June 2014)

June is almost over and between the frequent rain and fairly moderate temperatures, my yard is a tiny green jungle. The dill has taken over several vegetable spots and is so dense that I think I may have to pull it so that other garden plants can get direct sunlight. I really want to encourage the butterflies to lay their eggs, but they probably don’t need all that is growing out there.

There are tomatoes and peppers in there somewhere.

There are tomatoes and peppers in there somewhere.

Mr. Squirrel was quite prolific in his sunflower planting. They are everywhere this year! He planted a multi-headed one that looks like a summer time Christmas tree at the end of my patio. It practically provides shade, but blocks my view to the rest of the yard. I hope he lets it bloom. There was a single headed one of equal size right beside it, but Mr. Squirrel decapitated it last week so I cleared out the space.




Christmas in June

Christmas in June

As far as I know, I have not had any night time visitors. I have not found any scat in the mornings or signs of digging for grubs. Thanks, Mr. Skunk for your lawn care. However the birds have been quite active. I had a wren actually spend his morning talking loudly in the yard and carrying materials to the birdhouse. He did not finish his work so I assume his lady friend did not approve that location. Male wrens build multiple nests at one time to try to convince a females that they are worthy companions.

SM wren seeks SF wren for companionship and studio nest

SM wren seeks SF wren for companionship and studio nest

I have seen what I think is a female Ruby-Throated Hummingbird twice. Bright green, but no ruby coloring. Of all my brightly colored pansies, petunias, roses, cone flowers etc…, it seems to zero in on a sad clump of white flowers. They must be delicious.

Look closely

Look closely

This morning as I blearily walked through the house opening windows, a loud screeching from the kitchen window drew me back to that room. I thought based on the high pitch and volume that I would found hawks and ravens having a rally in the driveway.



Thanks, goldfinch.

I had to shoot this through the window screen and frame with sunflower leaves.

I had to shoot this through the window screen and frame with sunflower leaves.


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