Happy International T-shirt Day!

Here’s an award winning poem. At least I count free t-shirts as an award. Thanks to Squirrel Den Studios who donate back part of their profits to their local rescue groups. https://www.etsy.com/shop/SquirrelDenStudio

irreverent souvenir of
vacations bygone, events past,
tourists trapped, and sports’ impact.
Slogan bearing,
stream of conscious thought proclaimed,
a bumper sticker for the bust.
Nostalgia in cotton,
I have trouble throwing it away.

In my travels, I am in Bloomington, Indiana, where local celebrity Lil’ Bub turns 3 today. Happy Birthday, Bub! Bub’s t-shirt sales also donate to animal rescues. http://lilbub.com/


I have exploited my friends’ children who are Bub fans.

10 thoughts on “Happy International T-shirt Day!

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