A Plant for Everything, and Every Plant in Its Place

Early and surprisingly large

Early and surprisingly large

All flowers and vegetables are in the ground at last. Marigolds, Borage and Rosemary are mixed in with the veggies in various spots because they are supposed to be plants that deter garden pests. I’m also experimenting with peppers, eggplants, and at least one tomato in pots on the patio as well as in the garden.

The Swallowtail caterpillars made  a very early appearance and the tiniest grasshoppers in the world seem to be everywhere, especially in the Oregano.  I’ve found four Praying Mantis nests, but I’m not sure if they hatched yet or not. A wren has shown interest in the birdhouse and Downy woodpecker cruised through. In other words, I’m in business for the summer.

(Either chant this to We Didn’t Start the Fire or The 12 Days of Christmas)

30 tomatoes: German Johnson, Granny Smith and Mr. Stripey, Big Boy, Beefmaster, Costoluto Genovese, Sweet Million, Toma Verde, Boxcar Willy and HillBilly, Black Cherry

22 peppers: Poblano, Pimento, Golden California Wonder, Mariachi, Sweet Banana

5 eggplants

4 brussel sprouts

1 GIANT PUMPKIN! (Because…why not?)

3 Acorn squash

2 Drift roses

So tiny

So tiny

Adirondack Blue potatoes

Sweet potatoes










6 thoughts on “A Plant for Everything, and Every Plant in Its Place

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