Oh, Damn it, Just Be Nice!

Today is National Hug Your Cat Day. Cats are not really super fans of tight squeezing hugs; they’re more about soft pats and gentle cuddles. Maybe some spooning. Every day is Hug Your Cat Day at my house, but I really had to persuade Sookie.

Sookie: she disapproves of my love...and hugs.

Sookie: she disapproves of my love…and hugs.

Last month was Be Kind to Animals month, but with the end of the school year, my extended thoughts on being kind to animals just kind of got put on the back burner. I spend as much time as possible being kind to my animals and try to consider the welfare of animals that I come in contact with outside of my four fur babies. I did make it to a Kitten Shower (like a baby shower sans the stupid babies!) at Colony Cats. In exchange for donating some food and blankies, I got to see “ittle,” tiny kittens and love on some older kittens and cats who were working it to find furever homes.

It’s now June and Adopt a Shelter Cat/Adopt a Shelter Pet month! Seventy-five percent of my cat population came from shelters. As per usual, Birdie had to be the weirdo and showed up in the backyard. I can’t adopt all the animals. As it is, four cats seems to be frowned upon by my peers and polite society. So I do things like yammer on in this blog, go to kitten showers, enter my cats into calendar contests that support shelters and buy the

My shirt from http://www.outfitgood.com/ Olivia is like "That boob is as big as I am!" True story.

My shirt from http://www.outfitgood.com/
Olivia is like “That boob is as big as I am!” True story.

occasional t-shirt that donates to things like the Humane Society’s Kitty Palooza coming up on June 8!

I’m just a small voice mumbling around about a bigger issue, but I like to hope that something I say or do makes a difference. I was incredibly gratified a few months ago when my friend April told me that she was considering adopting a new dog and referenced the post that I had written about turning 40. I had said that I’d rather people do something for a shelter animal than buy me a gift. So I’ll choose to believe that I helped motivate her to add Henry an 8 year old dog, her “little old man”, to her home. It’s so easy to be drawn to baby animals and pass by the senior citizens at the shelter who just want a stable, quiet, loving home life. I’m guilty of it. I told myself that my next adoptee would be older or three-legged or one- eyed (I would re-name the pet Pirate no matter what), but then Olivia did her little stretch and chirp from the shelf of  a cat tree and all that went out the window. At least I changed a little life.

Little old man.

Little old man.

April has been diligently working with Henry to change his life. She’s given me updates on how Henry has adjusted to the house, her other dog, and going on walks. She works on his behavioral decisions as if he is an extension of the students that she works with who need that extra prompting towards the “good” choice to make. I’ve said that she should bring him into school as an example of a personal decisions Star Student. The last time we talked, Henry was up to wagging his bulldog nubbin’ of a tail in happiness, greeting his family. That kind of accomplishment and attitude adjustment makes  a hug difference in helping an animal fit into a home and family. It is work. My little weirdos still need their own behavioral reminders.

It makes me wonder why the world needs all these monthly reminders to be kind to creatures; it is so easy and reassuring to reach out to a pet. We probably need some reminders just to be kind to each other.

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