Happy Bday, Grammie.

My mom turns 67 today.

Last night we did dinner and cake with the family. My sister felt compelled to use 67 candles, effectively aerating the cake and necessitating a flame thrower.

About halfway through lighting the candles, the heat started creating some sort or birthday candle mirage, doubling the images of the lighted candles. Perhaps a sign that a symbolic 67 versus a literal 67 would have been safer and more environmentally friendly.



3 thoughts on “Happy Bday, Grammie.

  1. Happy Meowday Gwammie. Da cake is pawsum and da candles…..no fiwe depawtment had tu be called. Mommy sez yous one bwave lady cuz hers won’ let us tell hers age. As a mattew fact….wees don’t even know how old mommy is. MOL Hers sez hers wus 29 when meez wus bown, but meez gunna be 5 dis yeaw and mommy just had a Meowday where shes tuwned 29 again. MOL Meez just a cat,, but dat dusn’t seem kwite wight tu meez.

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty kisses



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