I Am Not a Paid Spokesperson…


Occasionally the end of my grocery shopping circuit takes me by the ice cream freezer. I’ll stop, peruse the Ben and Jerry’s selection, read the labels, chuckle inwardly, and talk myself out of buying any of it. Bad, fat girl, bad!

Sometimes though I can’t resist a new flavor. I was sucked in by Scotchy Scotchy Scotch when Anchorman 2 came out; the ice cream was better than the sequel. As well as Jimmy Fallon’s flavor after hearing an interview where he said it would be all his favorite things to eat when stoned late at night. Chocolate, potato chips….in!

The latest manifestation is a series of “core” flavors. I just didn’t understand it. Core made me think of core muscles and working the core, something that I’ve not done in a while and something that is not generally improved by ice cream. In the interest of research, I bought a pint.

I am only here to serve others and spread knowledge. Basically a pint has two flavors packed side by side with a literal core of goo. My research sample had chocolate ice cream on one side, raspberry ice cream with chocolate chunks on the other side, and a tube of raspberry jam straight down the middle. Visually not very appealing, but my taste buds don’t have eyes.


4 thoughts on “I Am Not a Paid Spokesperson…

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