Just Another Toy

I will destroy all that is yours.

I will destroy all that is yours.

I realize that Olivia is still a kitten at heart. Turning one, which technically puts her into the kitty teen years, has not curbed her urge, to search, play, and destroy. Maybe it’s a tuxedo issue. My first tuxie, Cosmo was constantly upsetting the natural balance of pretty much whatever he could get his paws on. Perhaps being permanently outfitted in tuxedos makes them feel like tiny 007’s out for adventure.

The latest adventure involves a popular counter spot for Olivia. She’s already proven her ability to cart around spatulas at least twice. She carried off a loaf of bread with particularly crinkly wrapping from this spot on the counter. Then last night she lifted my pill case from this very spot as well.

Yes, I have the day by day pill case because I’m edging on to 80. The reality is that I was forgetting my pills and often was too tired by the time I remembered them to carefully go through the sequence of opening  seven different bottles and sorting things out. My natural grace generally contributed to tiny pills hitting the floor where it would then become a retrieval race between me and whatever cat was vying for “treats.”

The pill case must have rattled alluringly like the jingly mice that Olivia likes to carry around. Why last night was the night to grab the case off the counter where it has set for weeks, I can’t explain.  I remember laying in bed and hearing her thumping something around in the living room, but I assumed she was still playing with her mice.

This morning the pill case was piled next to the other cat toys. I had to stop and do the confused doggie head tilt because once again what I was seeing was out of context. Fortunately, the only open compartments were the empty ones that I had left open. I was amused at her ridiculousness, and slightly annoyed at having to find a spot inside  a cupboard where I could stash the case. What else would I NOT be able to leave on the kitchen counter lest it become an overnight plaything?

It wasn’t until a few hours later when I was more awake and able to think, that the sense of panic set in. What else needs kitten proofed? What if she had gotten the pills open? I’m guessing that cholesterol and two different allergy medications are not good for little animals. I could have awakened to a very sick or, worse, very dead pet. I guess I need to “child proof” the house even more, the challenge being that my “child” has the ability to jump at least seven times her own height.

Everything's a cat toy.

Everything’s a cat toy.

8 thoughts on “Just Another Toy

  1. Your comments about Tuxedo cats are something I’ve thought of also. I have had two Tuxedo cats – both small – about 4 or 5 pounds. They were both up for adventure from the moment they came into my life.They loved life, getting into things, jumping up on counters and, especially in Natasha’s case, knocking things off counters, tables, etc!


    • Absolutely! With Cosmo had to go to the extreme to hide food, put up flowers etc.. Olivia seems to love things she can drag around. You’ve got to have character to wear a tux 24/7.


  2. Yep. Wees like tu play wiff all yous stuff way mowe den da toys yous buy us. MOL Mommys got all kinds of gweat fings tu play wiff. Da ‘putew cowd, da ‘putew. MOL Hers bwush, hers glasses, hers coffee cup and spoon. Meez mice and balls and nip sticks and…….mommys stuff is way mowe fun. Hav a Pawwsum day!! 😀

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥



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