A Leg to Stand On


Crap. What now?

This goose gave me such pause that I circled back around the parking lot to check him (I don’t really know if it’s a dude, but I was not exiting my vehicle to check.) out again. I had recently purchased Chipotle to take home and consume, but I watched as other people drove around him, leaving him completely unruffled. Even when I edged my car closer for a better photo, he was so above honking at me much less moving.

Again, I found myself struggling with the ideas of whether this was interesting or merely sad.

Is it sad that this is the best thing that this goose could choose when most subdivisions in the city have their own “totally natural” ponds and lakes? If he had taken the time, he would have found himself only a short flight from a river and slightly more (but probably not) “totally natural” lake. Perhaps a worse possibility was that the goose was sick or injured and this pothole puddle was the best possibility for soaking his feet. Uuuughh!

In order to eat my Chipotle in peace, I had to go with “this is interesting.” This goose is an innovator! This goose took lemons and made lemonade! Or rather he took a pothole and made is own “totally natural” pond. Why does he need to fly all the way to a bigger pond or the river when this exclusive pond is available for his style of urban living? Maybe he wants Chipotle too. This pothole is conveniently located near several restaurant and shopping options. He’s probably the Warren Buffet or Bill Gates of geese and just knows a brilliant idea when he sees it. He was probably tweeting about it all evening: “HHHHOOOOOONNNNNNNNNKKKK!”

He's an innovator!

He’s an innovator!

2 thoughts on “A Leg to Stand On

  1. I work in a park with a lot of geese and have seen this many times in our parking lot. The funniest thing to me is watching them ‘migrate’ from one side of the park to another by walking across the parking lot – usually single file with one goose honking commands at the rest! Sometimes they fly the few hundred feet. 🙂


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