I Wandered Lonely as a Daffodil


When I got home today, I noticed that the first of my daffodils have emerged which is a joyous spring time marker. Their perky yellow heads made me think of Wordsworth.

Brain immediately quoted “I wandered lonely as a daffodil.”

Lonely as a daffodil? What is going on in the English countryside? Did Wordsworth have his landscaper just tell him about daffodils? Had he never actually seen a daffodil?

Seriously, daffodils always have friends. They grow in nice clumps with multiple stems and flowers. I guess if they feel lonely then it’s that whole “I’m alone in a crowd” loneliness. I didn’t think daffodils were that tragic.

Also they don’t wander. They come from bulbs so the bulbs may grow over time but they really don’t re-seed themselves or send out runners like that Russian Sage I murdered. Maybe Wordsworth was thinking about dill or blanket flowers or spiderwort? I still don’t buy the whole lonely flower thing though.

I will not lie…much. This diatribe against Wordsworth’s horticultural inaccuracies occupied my brain for at least a couple of hours. What was this guy thinking!

Sad to say, this whole story is either a sign that I am losing tons of information or I am in possession of so much information that it can no longer be accurately sorted. I am perfectly familiar with the first stanza of the poem in question. I’ve probably written a paper on it. However, Brain has a mind of its own. The line is: “I wandered lonely as a cloud … I saw a crowd, a host of golden daffodils.”

I knew those damned flowers weren’t lonely! Clouds? That’s a whole other story.

2 thoughts on “I Wandered Lonely as a Daffodil

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