Thanks, Caturday

I'm trapped under a panther and I can't get up.

I’m trapped under a panther and I can’t get up.

It’s Saturday and I’m trapped under a panther.

It’s okay. I’d be fine if every day started this way. Very little would get done in the morning, but at least the world would be  a quieter, pleasanter, more coffee filled place.  Thanks to 13 pounds of Miles, I have finished the latest Stephen King novel that I’ve checked out from the library three times already and had to return (fines did accumulate), but just couldn’t power through. I’m  a big fan of his, and love The Shining, but for some reason I had trouble being captivated by Dan Torrance’s continued adult life. At least that’s done now.

Miles also insures that I finish an entire cup of coffee. This never happens on a work day. I suck down what caffeine I can while getting ready, and then occasionally get to sip it in between changing lives and living the dream. So thank goodness for Caturday! Thank goodness for my furry, little, medicated, miracles who, after running amok and screaming for breakfast, lose consciousness in various locations around the house. Thank goodness that Miles makes me sit and read until my legs and left butt cheek fall asleep under his weight. Miles is so committed to his job and my well being that when I get up, I have to wrap him in the lap blanket and then place him back in the warm spot on the chair where he stays working on his napping stamina for the next time I sit down.

My love for what my pets do for me, what shelters do to help animals, and for ridiculous t-shirts, wraps all together in a post I saw from Colony Cats on Facebook. According to their post, they are participating in Kitty Palooza a giant adoption event with several shelters taking place monthly at the Capital Area Humane Society starting  June 8. To start the event, a local company Outfit/Good has created a cat themed t-shirt featuring the quote “One small cat changes coming home to an empty house to coming home” from writer Pam Brown. Seven dollars will be donated to a group of shelters for each t-shirt purchased.

Yes, I may have already purchased one. Modeling to occur upon shirt arrival.

If helping animal shelters is not your thing (I have to question what is wrong with you, but each to his own, I guess.) Outfit/Good also has other shirts supporting other causes. There’s an “Oh, Athens” one which was very tempting and donates to Passion Works Studio. There’s even one for beer. You want to go look now, don’t you?

The cat themed t-shirt campaign runs through May 31, 2014. Wear your warm, giving, heart on your sleeve with me.

He's still practicing napping.

He’s still practicing napping.




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