Keep Your Pubic Decent: Day 31

In class today I attempted to deliver some background notes on a long dead French dude with atrocious hair that my seniors could care less about. In the past I’d broken the giant packet of info into sections, asking partners to read a section and then report out the stuff that caught their interest. This process was time consuming, and ultimately I would end up adding to their “report” because there were certain facts that I wanted to make sure we covered.

Wanting to opt out of the giant packet, I decided to use an existing PowerPoint created by another teacher. It was one step up on the thrill level from the giant packet, but at least it narrowed the information down added some illustrations and allowed me to set up some guided notes. All of this equalled a relatively easy Monday with seniors just returned from spring break and two months out from graduation.

The dead French dude was well known for poking fun at society and using his comedies as more of a statement than just a silly farce. Even though he was supported by Louis the XIV, the church was not loving his work mostly because he often pointed out the hypocrisy of religion. Plus there were some naughty double entendres along the way. Subsequently, he was told by a Cardinal that his work was either to be revised, or it would be banned for the good of all who might view it.

Included on one PowerPoint slide was a quote from the Cardinal raging against the offensive material and ending with a statement about the need for public decency. Rather the quote was SUPPOSED to end with the words “public decency.” While annoying for all of its self righteous judgement, I found it odd that the Cardinal’s quote would inspire giggles and then spreading laughs from the back corner of my classroom.

And this is when I can tell that seniors are sort of paying attention to a few things. The initial giggler pointed at the last line of the Cardinal’s quote and gasped, “Pubic!”

A wonderfully ironic typo given the dead French guy’s sexy content and the Cardinal’s mission to save all involved. The end of his quote read “pubic decency.” Maybe this is why I’ve stayed away from this PowerPoint. It broke my heart a little to correct the typo.
You’ve got to keep your pubic decent!

****I’m totally leaving out the part where amidst the roar of laughter, one senior raised a hand and asked what pubic meant. I said, “Your nether regions” while vaguely waving my hand at the level of said region. Still did not get it.

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