It’s a List!: Day 24

  • I should have gone with the impulse to have Jeni’s Ice Cream for lunch. Goat cheese with cherries plus pretty much anything. Waffle cone.
  • The cats are starting to questions why I’m here every day.
  • I just watched the wedding episode of How I Met Your Mother and think that I view people pronouncing vows and in lasting relationships in the same way I view sci-fi and horror shows. Interesting for those involved, somewhat possible, but not terribly probable.
  • My hair can really only make it to day 3, day 4 was pushing it.
  • I should just stay home. Running random errands by myself costs money, makes me tired, and wastes away my free time.
  • Iphones are the devil. How many times do I need to check Facebook? When was the last time that I actually used it as a phone? I’m pretty sure I got more done before this invention.
  • Eventually I will run out of wall space for random photos, works or art, and ceramic birds.
  • Today is the 30th Anniversary of The Breakfast Club’s detention. Not the movie release, the detention date: March 24, 1984. Nifty. I know I’m not the Athlete or the Criminal. I was never obsessed enough about grades to put a flare gun in my locker, but did well enough to hate being in non-honors classes. My wardrobe choices were some kind of blend between the Basket case and the Princess.
  • There is no point to Candy Crush or Pet Rescue Saga. Plus the cats in the cages of desert segment make me sad.
  • Yea, that’s about it. I’m tired but I don’t know why. Spring Break, whoooo!

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