Literary Zombie: Day 17

I’m a day late. The Walking Dead and The Talking Dead are just on too late on Sunday night so I am forever hushing the lunchtime conversation until Tuesday after a Monday evening viewing.

So I’m listening to The Talking Dead yammering on about the deep symbolic significance of items like the puzzle on the table in the episode “The Grove” and two things are killing me…figuratively. Carol is not ramming a knife in my head.

First, are we done even talking about the comics that the show originates from? I realize that the cast and plot line have strayed from the comics which is fine, but it is nice to nerd out and recognize the references. Mika and Lizzie totally replace the twin boys in the comics. One brother follows the animal torturing route and ultimately kills his more kind, innocent, “normal” brother. Carl puts the future serial killer brother down because he felt that was what had to be done. It becomes one of the early moments of questioning just how messed up Carl will be.

Secondly, The Talking Dead just referenced Of Mice and Men for about five seconds. Come on! Does no one read? We could totally show this episode along with the reading of Steinbeck. In fact, I think our 21st century students would love it! FYI:Lizzie is Lennie. A fondness for mice ( I like soft things), various dead animals. She likes to “pet rabbits” with a knife, but that’s just knit picking. Remember that episode where Tyrese leaves Mika and Lizzie in the woods with Judith while he scampers off to help some random people? Judith starts crying and to make her stop, Lizzie comes pretty close to suffocating her. Hello! Curly’s wife wouldn’t shut up either!

Much like Lennie and George, the whole gang of Carol, Tyrese, Mika, and Lizzie are just looking for a home and a piece of land to call their own. The homestead with well water and pecan trees seems like the dream, but like Lennie and George they are fated to watch the dream crumble again and again until something changes. Lizzie like Lennie has a warped understanding of the world, its rules and morality. Like George, Carol realizes that Lizzie will continue to be a danger to herself and others, and to the dream.

Certainly the final scene with Carol directing Lizzie to look at the flowers before she shoots her is a nod to George asking Lennie to look out across the river and envision the farm before George shoots Lennie. Are George and Carol saving themselves? Are they saving Lizzie and Lennie from a world that they can’t adapt to and don’t understand?

6 thoughts on “Literary Zombie: Day 17

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