Olivia Leads With Her Nose: Day 11 catching up a little bit more

***This one’s less rant driven.

"OMG! I'm gonna stick my nose into your nose and you'll love it!!"

“OMG! I’m gonna stick my nose into your nose and you’ll love it!!”

Olivia Wigglebothum was thusly named because, indeed, she has the wiggles. During her initial days of solitary confinement, she would greet me puppy style. Overwhelmed with happiness to see me, her round kitten haunches would go up in the air wiggling and wagging her tail and kitty booty. Ultimately she would tip herself over, usually head first and continue to wiggle tummy up. Thankfully, she does not subscribe to the puppy technique of adding an excited piddle to this dance.

She is, in the parlance of our times, adorbs.

Being freed from solitary did not stop the wiggles. She wiggles for the other cats, especially Miles, throwing her whole body against theirs. And she wiggles out of the exuberance of being loved and petted.

After feeding the cats and going through the necessary sick day steps, I went back to bed today. In general, if they have been fed, the cats will let me sleep until I naturally wake up, often joining me for the extended snooze time. Miles seems to have some misgivings about me sleeping until 9 a.m., but he let that go today.

However Olivia put herself on wake up duty somewhere around 10 a.m. today. So I’d  had about 3 hours of a very chilly (no cat bodies came to warm me up) and unsatisfying sick sleep, when something wet was smeared across my cheek into my nose and then under my chin. I opened my eyes to an extreme Olivia close-up as she dive bombed my face in full wiggle mode. Again, she is adorable, but she also has the kitty snots and at any moment could have potentially sneezed in my face. The snots also contributed to the amount of nose moisture that she was applying to my face and neck.

She tucked her head under my chin to nuzzle my throat with her nose, and tumbled over into the space between my body and arm. This was a great place to do the kitten version of alligator rolls, tucking her paws under me then rolling over to wrap all four legs around my arm. She alternated sticking her face in my armpit with resting her chin on my shoulder and squeaking. So much squeaking and chirping involved.

She's still trying to make me feel better.

She’s still trying to make me feel better. Serious business.

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