Sunlight Springs Forward: Day 7

Black cat in sunlight, harbinger of spring.

Black cat in sunlight, harbinger of spring.

For the first time in months I could go outside without worry of frostbite from wind chill! While in direct sunlight, I even took my coat off! Of course, I still had on a fleece hat, long sleeves, and the new winter boots that finally showed up once the snow had melted.

Probably hostas.

Probably hostas.


Tree bandages.

Tree bandages.

I spent my lost hour in a haze of yard work, filling the only three yard waste bags I had. Happily chopping at frozen chunks in the compost bin, relocating rocks, pulling out the Russian Sage that I have decided I don’t like, and trimming dried plants that the birds and squirrels had cleared of seeds. As per usual, Mr. Squirrel had beat me to yard maintenance. He was busy running across the top of the fence with twigs in his mouth. Someone’s attic space is getting a  new resident, hopefully not mine. He had also taken it upon himself to start stripping off small bits of bark from the lower branches of the maple tree. There were lines of sap running down the trunk from its squirrel inflicted wounds.

I guess as a sign of my faith in spring and warmth, I should look in to how to tap maple trees. It only takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of maple syrup.

I did consider licking the trunk. Grown up logic prevailed though. No licking trees in my yard.

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