Give a Little Love

Couples sauna time.

Couples sauna time.

So Valentine’s Day is officially over in a few minutes. Those of you with significant others may have frivolously spent your day gazing into eyes, stroking hair behind someone’s ear, getting couples massages, having happy endings etc… But where has that gotten you? Your wallets are lighter, you have rug burn, and possibly a pulled groin.

Time to share your love in another way.

Because I’m old and wise now, I asked my friends to make donations to Cat Welfare and Colony Cats & Dogs  in lieu of gifts for my 40th birthday. One, my best, old, girl Bella Luna had just died and I now had youngster Olivia Wigglebothum in my life. Two, I have enough random shit in my house and did not really want 40 of anything unless it was dollars. My people came through and donated roughly $400 plus various kitty supplies. I crafted some quick fleece blankies and divvied up the goods between both shelters.

Baskets of kitty love!

Baskets of kitty love!

Procrastination rules my world, so I conveniently did not get everything organized until today: Valentine’s Day! Even though that amount of money is a tiny drop in the thousands of dollars  in vet bills, food, and cleaning supplies that the shelters spend each month, I made some people smile today. With the help of my friends, I made some people smile today.

Maybe you need a big booty calico.

Maybe you need a big booty calico.

I also got to spend time petting and cuddling some kitties who still need fur-ever homes, like Bridget at Cat Welfare, a tortie who loves to be held and has gigantic extra Hemingway toes. Or the black and white kitty who came over to chat at Colony Cats then made it clear that what he or she really wanted, was up on my shoulder. So give a little love and find a Valentine that is covered in fur, won’t judge your life choices…much, and is allergic to chocolate hearts.


The Valentine King

The Valentine King

In other versions of giving love, Gpa was voted Valentine King with an unheard of 21 votes.

14 thoughts on “Give a Little Love

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  8. I just donated 100.00 in your name to Colony Cats. Thanks for all the good reading! Also I have a funny sketch of your cats I wanted to show you. What’s the best way? I have an Instagram account…

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    • SHUT. UP. Thank you. I love that shelter and they keep posting kitten pictures which are killing me. 🙂 Instagram could work Kstewand4cats. I’m Insta dumb and messages etc. tag me ? IDK


      • I am retarded and can’t figure out how to post a picture in IG (via Safari…I’m trying to limit apps on my iPad). And you thought you were Insta-dumb. I clearly have a brain-eating form of Covid. My tag is AmanitaEater and i was able to post my icon pic but am now stuck. Do you Tweet? I’m gonna put the sketch there, where I am also AmanitaEater.

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