Do-overs, Fuzzy hugs, and Accommodations Oh My!

Here is what we are creating.
Student 1 has been yammering on for what seems like days about her and her sibling’s impending driver’s test. It’s Tuesday so she may have only been talking about it since Monday, but it feels like a solid week to me.
Somehow in the course of events, a mini van has entered the picture and Student 1 is PISSED!

Student 1 discussing her sibling:”I can’t believe she wants to use the van! She hasn’t even practiced in it. I’m waiting to do mine later!”

Student 2, trying to be helpful: “Don’t worry, they’ll move the cones.”

Me: “What now? No they won’t.”

Student 2 horrified at my ignorance: “Yea, they will! They have to! It’s a bigger vehicle.”

Me:”No… they…will…not. In real life parking spots do not rearrange themselves based on the size of your car.”

Students 1 and 2 are high achievers, honors students, athletes, and likable people. I could throw in the benefit of the doubt for general teenage perpetuation of misinformation, but all I could think was, “This is what we are creating.”

No one ever fails. We are all winners. Everyone will be highly successful. In fact, I only teach future scientists, brain surgeons, and leaders of America. Our futures, our jobs, our bosses and all around us, will constantly take into account our special needs, feelings, desires, abilities, work ethic or lack thereof, and, of course, the size of the junk in the trunk of our cars.

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