It’s that time of year when many of us are trying to be secret, sneaky squirrels, gathering up special surprise gifts the way Mr. Squirrel stashes sunflower seeds and corn kernels around my yard instead of just EATING THEM ALREADY! C’MON, MR. SQUIRREL!

So like Mr. Squirrel, occasionally we screw up and perhaps we leave ourselves logged on to an account on someone else’s computer while at their home over Thanksgiving. Like… say… our technologically challenged mother’s computer. We may even call her into the office to get her opinion on our cyber-browsing choices on …say…

And then…days later, we may be clearing out our email account only to discover two emails that make no sense.

One from KittyOverlords at and one from Mom.

The one from Etsy would lead us to believe that we have made  a VERY expensive purchase through our Etsy account.

The one from Mom says, “Went on Etsy and your email address showed up after made order!!!!shit!!!”

***I don’t know why I’ve insisted on the royal “we” up to this point but it seems ridiculous now.

Thankfully, as my sister pointed out in the text message where she berated me for making Mom crazy because clearly this is my fault, at least Mom put it on her own credit card.

My cats and I are getting a sweet-ass Christmas present (completely ignoring the level of crazy that it escalates me towards). CATS ON SHELVES!!!!! Check it out!

***And I totally just read the directions on inserting links so…yea… that’s how that works.




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