Shop Local: Bad Ass Bracelets

So I thought I would come back from the Thanksgiving eve all male revue with a hilarious story, but mostly it was just sad and I’m going to have to think about it.

Yea, I'm a fan.

Yea, I’m a fan.

In the mean time…Here’s a commercial for my current favorite local artist: Kate Morgan. (

I had certainly noticed her large, flowing ladies before at local art fests, and took note when she started transferring her images to pendants; but it was the bracelets that broke the bank! I ran in to her most recent experiment at a Labor Day festival. A friend and I oohed, aahed, and purchased bracelets from her. She was playing with transferring her art to copper and layering the copper with rivets and different shades of leather. It created a mix of her delicate, beautiful women with bad ass leather and copper.(

At a local art fest this month, Kate was in attendance with an even wider array of leather colors and designs. I…might…have…bought…a…few…more…bracelets. Totally for gifts, of course!

She’ll be at Winterfair, check her out. (

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