Wrong cat

Birdie, my "smart" cat.

Birdie, my “smart” cat.

After the peeing incident, Bella’s vet who may be slightly delusional suggested that the carrier needed to become a “safe haven.” I was too leave the carrier out and open near the food area, moving it closer and closer to where Bella eats. I was to make it a kitty spa full of catnip and treats for any kitty “smart” and brave enough to venture into the carrier. Unfortunately, Bella could give two shits about catnip and eats her treats directly outside the carrier but will not, for love nor money, stick her head inside the carrier to get the treat trail I placed there.

So far the two who are “smart” and brave enough to venture into the carrier are Birdie and Miles. (I’m totally making air finger quotes around “smart”). On the bright side, the carrier placement did allow me to easily capture Sookie and take her in for yearly appointment without engaging her in the epic stressful hide and chase routine we usually go through.

In other cat related events, Bella is Miss December in the 2014 Cat Welfare calendar. She’s fancy like that. Buy the calendar, support the shelter. They are also selling Candle Lab candles as a fundraiser right now. http://www.catwelfareohio.com/

She says she looks fabulous.

She says she looks fabulous.

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