My most racist post ever.

It was a really slow week and I’m mentally working on a rant about a parrot and/or some garden updates, but I’m tired, it’s late and my sports bra smells like rotten ass from doing Power Yoga so I’m defaulting to relying on an amusing text exchange.

I know 1 1/2 black people. Really, I know more, but I’m good friends with 1 1/2. Occasionally we honkies (most of the people at work) with a limited number of racially diverse friends get sassy and toy with some racist commentary that we would never say to a person of color that we didn’t really know. I think it’s just the natural reaction to lectures involving topics like “black people hate camping”, “black people hate the rain” and “you white women wash your hair too much.” However black people love Lifetime movies and gummie bears, who knew.

I just want it to be noted that I did not start the racist stereotyping in this particular conversation but I ran freely with it. I’m the blue bubbles.

Next week, horrible things I say to my favorite Asian. Well, he’s really my only Asian.

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