It’s Only Week 1.

Me: “Maybe wanting a whole puppy is just you being greedy. I know it’s messy, but just be happy with 1/4 you got.”

(Too provide context…not that you deserve it…I start every class with anonymous questions the first day. They can ask about me, the class, school that year…whatever. I use my Cuteness Overload page a day calendar as the chopped up scrap paper so sometimes you only get a 1/4 of a puppy. Bitch about it all you want.)


Me: “If you can grow a beard, you can write an 8-10 sentence paragraph.”

(Someone needed to get on task, it was only Day 2.)


Me: “What did you guys learn at the Junior Class Meeting?”

Kid 1:”Don’t bring your drugs to school.”

Kid 2: “Don’t bring any weapons either.”

Me:”Okey dokey, glad that was the take away.”


Overheard, one teacher to another between class: “I just looked at your 5th period list and…God must hate you.”

(Turns out it’s true.)

(One of my class’s anonymous questions were very concerned about my likability and temperament towards students.)

Me: “Look it’s nice to be liked and to be able to like my students, but I’m not looking to make any of you my BFF. I have plenty of friends.”

Kid: ” Are they cat friends or human friends?”

Me: ” Good question.”

(Actually probably the most insightful question of the day.)

Anonymous questions

Are you the best teacher ever? (Sure, why not.)

Do you like cheese? (Yes.)

Is that your real hair color? (Oh, Hell no.)

What’s with all the cats? (What’s with your stupid question? I like cats.)

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