21st century learning

Thank goodness, for 21st century learning! It has allowed my students to more efficiently cheat off of each other and plagiarise with more fluidity. It has allowed them to hide their trail so that I do not have access to their work. And to think, my wonderful school provided these tools to them and actively promotes their use!!! When the tech heads were asked what teachers were supposed to do when students use this technology to cheat and share things like essays without leaving a trail of clues, they just shook their heads and smiled. They smiled because they’re not in the classroom and will not have to deal with this shit beyond saying, “Sorry, we couldn’t find anything on the server.” Sad face.:(

Conveniently, both students are in the same class and have turned in the same paper. One student turned the paper in two weeks after the other student. However Brain is already running the ridiculous conversation I have to look forward to on Monday when they will both lie to me about who wrote what and how through a Vulcan miracle they were both able to write the same paper. It also doesn’t help that I’ve had these stupid papers for over a month and it’s the end of the quarter.

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