Day 30: I hate reflecting

So this is day 30 of the blogging challenge. As per use I started a day (actually two days) late and a dollar short. I just paid my bills after a trip to the outlets yesterday and I am currently many dollars short.

I guess I discovered that writing for the sake of writing and hoping someone out there in cyber world will read it and like it or think about it is kind of fun. Will I be continuing on the post a day schedule? I think not. Basically any post beyond a quick paragraph takes at least an hour or more to write, edit, format etc… And that’s not counting the time that as long as I’m at the computer, I might as well check Facebook, Etsy, The Bloggess, look up random song lyrics, wander around in Goodreads and on and on and on. The blog has become another fun thing that I’d rather be doing instead of what I should be doing: grading. I really don’t want to abandon this though. I never even got around to writing about squirrels!

So reflect upon this. Why does my sister have three arms?


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