Day 26: My mind is a blank

I seriously have no idea what to write about. I think the whole Bret Michaels concert adventure wiped me out. Nothing funny happened today. Nothing horrible happened today so I’ve got that going for me. I stared at an online assignment for my junior class for like 3 hours and determined that many of them are idiots. How do students just let themselves fail? And why will it ultimately be my fault? High school is not that hard, do the bare minimum at least! So because some of them just show up to act like assholes for 8 hours everyday, do nothing, and proclaim “I don’t care”, I’ll have to scramble to give them opportunities to pass. Whatever, I don’t want to write about that and the general non-teaching public would probably decide that , yes, it clearly is my fault that John Boy sits and does nothing but smirk at me everyday then goes back to tweeting about it. Yup.

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