Day 14: I am disgusting…again. Maybe this should have been the name of my blog.

Dr. Miles says, “Apply 3-4 cats per hour and call me at 3:00 because that’s when I want ma’ dinnah!”

Woke at 4 a.m. with a splitting headache; one of those where effort, coughing, sneezing and any basic movements make the stabbing pain worse. By 4:30 a.m. all food particles and internal fluids had a made a mass evacuation through the two apparently clearly marked exits. One more round of puking while typing lesson plans to email out at that ridiculous hour and I took my freezing self back to bed. I guess I want to blame something I ate. Maybe?

It’s always about what I eat. I got a voicemail from the nurse at my doctor’s office today. On the last visit my triglycerides were elevated so they added a new medicine to the mix. It gave me a day long constant nagging headache every day that I took it so I stopped taking it. The voicemail suggested that if I couldn’t take that then the doctor would like me to see a nutritionist that coordinates with their office and had already put in a referral for me.

Thanks, Doc. Is this the same nutritionist that I’ve been seeing every 3 months for like two years now on YOUR referral? The same nutritionist that YOU and I talk about every 3 months as I sit in your patient cubicle staring at your own personal Pelotonia poster because you are so fucking skinny and active that we would never be friends in real life? That nutritionist?

This is what makes me nervous about doctors and reluctant to go to them with every little problem. Given, my current doctor is way more accessible, helpful and generally more prepared than the last wackadoo who never had me fast before blood work and decided I was pre-diabetic but couldn’t tell me what to do about that. But doctors have charts and files and computer systems with all the patient information, don’t they?? Shouldn’t she already have a note that I see this nutritionists? Or notes on dosage? Or notes on when I started or stopped taking certain meds? I mean she can recite my fat ass weight to me nonstop every visit.

According to this chart from AAFP she probably sees about 90+ plus patients a week. Presumably many of these people are like me and don’t come through daily or weekly so that means she sees a new set of 90 every week. That sucks, but see above where she’s got all these charts and stuff to refer to. This is what makes me fear her and her kind. I’m not even remotely perfect at my job; I’ll be happy to be labeled as good at my job. However I’m not handing out medications and making recommendations that affect the physical health of others.

One thought on “Day 14: I am disgusting…again. Maybe this should have been the name of my blog.

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