Day 13: Morality issues

My seniors are writing very short one act morality plays (there’s irony coming up here somewhere). I walked in a on very hissed conversation:

Student 1: “Do you think we can say THAT?!”

Student 2: “Ask her.”

Well, this should be awesome.

Student 1: “Can we use the ‘P word’?”

Quizzical look from me. “P word”?

Student 1: “The ‘P-U-S-S-Y’ word?!”

Me: “Are there kitty cats in your play?”

Student 1: “No.”

Me: “Then let’s not use that one.”

Student 1: “Oh, well, can we say ‘fuck’ then?”

Me: “Nope.”

3 thoughts on “Day 13: Morality issues

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