Day 11: Hit Defrost

My cats defrosted the freezer for me last night.

We are here to help.

They are so considerate. I didn’t even know that it needed to be done or that I needed to get rid of the large amount of frozen items that I had recently purchased. Silly me.When I stumbled into the kitchen at around 6 a.m. this morning, I eventually noticed that the freezer door was hanging open.

Brain: “Me, open door?”

Why would I open the freezer?

Brain: “Me no open door.”

Hmmm, did I get the bread out already?

Brain: “Bread squishy, not frozen.”

Oh, dear.

Chicken, shrimp, falafel, pita, oat bran pancakes and Boca sausages also squishy, not frozen.

I know that 75% of the cat population  was really wound up last night. Miles was chasing everyone around the house and spring boarding off the couch. He was even wrestling Birdie who is an ankle biter. Her not nice, not happy squeaks were upsetting Sookie who cowered in the middle of the living room watching the whole ordeal/ waiting for her turn to chase and wrestle. It’s the kind of wildness that causes them to each pop into my face at some point, snort, bellow:  “mrreooowwwwwww” then barrel off across the room. At some point  the refrigerator came into play. Miles is my number one suspect because I’ve caught him at this before.

This is a cat math and physics story problem.

When a 12 pound cat jumps to the top of the fridge then uses that as a jumping off point to get to the upper cabinets, then jumps from there back to the fridge then pushes off the top of the fridge to the floor, which impact was great enough to dislodge the freezer door? And how much will cost the cat owner in groceries?


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