Day 6: Blluuuuurrrgghhh

I feel barfy. I’m exhausted. My skull is exploding, one plate at a time. Tonight’s experiment will be NOT taking my new medication that the pharmacist said was such a low dose that I probably wouldn’t notice any side effects. He really does not know my body’s capabilities. He also said that my current medications would ALL exacerbate the new one and any of its side effects. Contradictory statements? Yes.

Don’t worry this is only for cholesterol; my triglycerides were elevated. Oh,no! I feel like an asshole complaining about this. I have  a friend with cancer (what up, grrrl) who is going to start chemo for Christ’s sake. She’ll have  a real reason to feel like shit. I’m just fat, don’t exercise excessively and haven’t ingested enough flax meal lately.

At any rate, I’m going to go sit in my bathtub now. Here are some pictures of cats being awesome to fill the verbal void.

This is Birdie staring at me while I’m in the bathtub. You can see the judgement in her eyes.


                 Miles also wanted in on the bath action. He will get in the tub with me. Things get weird at my house.

2 thoughts on “Day 6: Blluuuuurrrgghhh

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